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Who We Are​

We are trainers, coaches, motivators, supporters, and most importantly, your teammates. We are here for you. There is no one-size-fits all solution to fitness and health which is why we create a customized experience. Every person can progress at a rate they feel comfortable with but also a rate which pushes them to new peaks of performance.

At Body Tuners, we want to help our clients and we are dedicated to creating a relationship built on honesty, trust, and respect. That being said, we want to openly communicate with our clients to push them to achieve goals they may have never thought possible. Moreover, we want to deliver an experience focused on the client’s end goals and build a program that considers this unlike other programs that create random work outs or programming.

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Principles of our work


We develop customized programs for our clients that allow them to achieve their fitness goals in a way that is safe, comfortable, and fun.


Every program includes detailed nutritional coaching specific to your goals and needs. We also provide customized meal planning options for clients interested in our meal planning program.


Our Private gym allows our clients to feel safe, comfortable, and motivated. Our gym is only available to those working with one of our personal trainers. Our gym is free of the distractions and unwelcoming situations you find at a traditional gym.

Benefits of Exercise

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Reduce Risk of Disease

Exercise boosts good cholesterol and decreases triglycerides in your body. This help to prevent or manage life threatening conditions.

Increases Energy

Regular activity improves the ability to deliver oxygen and nutrients throughout the body and thereby increasing energy.

Improved Mood

Physical activity stimulates chemicals like serotonin that help you feel more relaxed and overall happy.

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Exercise and physical activity produces endorphins and also improves the ability to sleep, which in turn reduces stress.

Improved Memory

Blood flow to the brain is enhanced when you exercise. Increased blood flow allows your mind to work more efficiently.

Control Weight

Using up oxygen in the body burns stored fat and helps to maintain and control weight.

Our Team

Kristina Lewis


Personal Trainer

Contact me:


[email protected]

Personal Trainer

Kristina opened Body Tuners July 1, 2016. Her hope was to create a positive healing environment for all ages, all fitness levels and all different types of people.

Kristina has always been passionate about fitness. Kristina has been involved with fitness or sports in one way or another since as far back as she can remember. Kristina has also actively participated in fitness and sports and learned how to leverage that knowledge to improve her fitness. After completing her bachelor of science in kinesiology she felt it was time to take her passion and make it a career.

Matthew Harris

Personal Trainer

Contact me:


[email protected]

Matthew Harris has walked the road of fitness, health, and self-discipline.There are shortcuts and there are times to take the long road, Matthew can help you find your way through the thicket of self-discovery.Matthew is versed in kinesiology, human performance, coaching psychology, neuropsychology, martial arts for real world combatives.



Personal Trainer

Contact me:


Personal Trainer

Lori was born and raised in Humboldt county. She’s left several times but always seems to find her way back home. She was a professional fire fighter for 11 years before leaving the fire service to raise her boys. She knows all about the hard work necessary to compete and thrive in a physically demanding profession, as well as getting your body back after having children or recovering from injury. Lori has always been active and loved the outdoors, from rowing on the HSU crew team, to backpacking and hunting, and competing in Spartan and Tough Mudder races. She has experience training all levels of fitness from firefighters to those just starting it and would love to help you achieve your fitness goals. 


Personal Trainer

Contact me:


Personal Trainer

Sprout has lived in Humboldt County for about 13 years. Going from being a student to carpenter to business owner and now personal trainer has given Sprout a keen perspective on the inner workings of many ways of life. Movement has always been a draw and focus throughout Sprout's life. Whether it was trail building in the back country of Alaska or framing and remodeling an array of different structures Sprout's always been interested in physical health, safety, and bodily awareness related to activity or inactivity. Sprout is excited to get people moving and to get people feeling more comfortable in their bodies! Sprout encourages any body with any fitness level to start training and feeling the benefits of honoring their vessel!

John Hill 

Personal Trainer

Contact me:

(707) 206-1923

Personal Trainer

Health and fitness is what I live for. Currently I am twenty-two years old and now am a part of the Body Tuners crew of personal trainers. Becoming a personal trainer has been exciting and a big deal for me. Growing up over the years I was always an overweight kid with a lot of body image issues. Once I turned sixteen, I decided to make a change. Over the course of seven months I lost sixty-seven pounds. This made me feel amazing and boosted my self-confidence significantly; that was just the beginning though. Shortly after this personal victory my brother introduced me to bodybuilding training and I never looked back. A few years down the line I met my coach Nick Massey who began educating me on the sport of powerlifting. Fast forward to now seven plus years of training, competing in powerlifting competitions, taking first in all of them in my division, and now being certified as a personal trainer I am happy to take what I have learned and help people apply it to their own goals.

Jenna Swanson

Personal Trainer

Contact me:

(928) 714-8311

Personal Trainer

Jenna Brooke Swanson has been in love with movement for as long as she can remember. She is well-versed in a variety of modalities such as acrobatic movement, circus arts, belly dance, deep flexibility, strength training, pole dance, and more. She's been helping others meet their physical fitness, performance art, and dance goals for 20 years. 



Massage Practitioner

Contact me:

(707) 834-1299

Personal Trainer

My name is Gerardo Salas. I am a Holistic Massage Practitioner. I have been training in Martial arts for 10 years and have incorporated different kind of weight lifting modalities through out the years. Such as Bodybuilding, Powerlifting and Olympic Weight lifting. I was exposed to massage from a very young age and have been learning more about it. I focus on bringing the body back to maintenance level so that it will function at its best when performing. I use a mix of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology and Accupressure to relieve pain, improve recovery and circulation throughout the body.